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November 8, 2021

Every year for over 12 years, we have made it our mission to reach out and showcase all the great options for buying local for the holidays.  And with big box stores becoming more and more empty this year due to delivery delays etc., it’s a great time to focus on local crafters, artisans and family-owned shops, cafes and coffee bars for your holiday shopping!

We’ve said this before but it bears repeating that when you support local you are giving back to the community in so many ways.   Shopping local supports your friends and neighbors who provide a service by working long hours outside the regular 8-5 to bring foods and products to the community that are unique.  Buying local is supporting those who support where we live the most.  Local businesses often contribute to fundraisers and the owners often give of their time to organizations that support the community.

Local artisans and crafters spend hours mastering their skills to bring you products you won’t find in big box stores, and they are more meaningful than that latest new gadget from China.

Environmentally, buying local cuts down on fuel emissions when transporting goods to stores.  We can all get a better picture of that impact when we see ships at harbor waiting for tractor-trailers to load them to carry products, usually from China, across the United States.   According to one resource, “Since local products don’t need to travel far, they help reduce carbon emissions.  It also helps with decreasing pollution and waste,  since local products need little transport, they require far less packaging than products shipped across the country. The lighter reliance on packaging helps decrease pollution and landfill waste.

So as you start your holiday gift lists, keep in mind how buying local will not only help your community but also contribute to a healthier environment long term.

In the coming weeks, we will spotlight local businesses, artisans, and crafters who have amazing choices for you this holiday season.  Stay tuned!

And check out our calendar for more ways to enjoy your holiday season!


About the Author KPass

Karole Passmore is a freelance writer who enjoys writing articles and short stories, interviewing local people, and researching non-fiction subject matter– preferably historical. Graduate of RHS, Ivy Tech Richmond, and Earlham College– with a major in History, Karole has spent most of her life in Wayne County and enjoys the quaint atmosphere of a small town.

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