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September 10, 2021

You could have lived in Richmond all your life and not known that a mile long lake existed where the new Riverside Heritage TrailĀ  between North 17th and North 24th was dedicated by officials this morning.

Trail Dedication Ceremony Gallery

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Next time you drive on J Street, notice how the houses look like cottages. You know, cottages that would look perfectly normal on a lake front? Yeah, that’s because that was all lake front property in the early 1900’s on Morton Lake.

Morton Lake Dam was demolished in 1952 to prevent flooding in the area.

Wait, it gets even better! There was even a riverboat on the lake! I am not making this up. It was called the “Wild Rover” and could carry 100 passengers. Mind. Blown!

I didn’t know about any of this Richmond history before today. Now we have a beautiful 1.2 mile of new paved trail between North 17th and 24th streets. Our little section of what will one day become a connected trail from Richmond to Terre Haute.

Take a virtual ride on the new trail!

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