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February 10, 2020

Richmond is a small city with a big, green heart. It has more parks than an average town our size, which is a source of serious pride for most residents.

The parks also have a big trash and litter problem. Not for lack of trying on the part of Richmond Parks Department. But for lack of community understanding of just what the dumpsters, or “tubs,” in the parks are for.

Check out what Glen Miller park looked like the week after Christmas.

And remember, none of what you see below is legal. Absolutely no dumping is allowed in any Richmond park, including just emptying trash from your car when visiting the parks. The dumpsters are for park use only.

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I spoke with parks superintendent Denise Retz about the trash and litter problem, what her team is up against with trying to keeps our parks clean, and what you can do to help.

It is the duty of Richmond Parks Department to do all they can to keep our parks clean. But it isn’t just their job. With a small crew to keep up all the parks and other sites under their care, there is no way they can do it alone. Community pride dictates that we all do our part to keep our parks clean.

This means obeying the law and not dumping or littering in our beautiful parks. But also volunteering to help keep your favorite park clean. At the Glen Miller office, individuals can check out gloves, bags, and grabbers and clean up as much as they’d like.

There are also group volunteer cleanup days, which you can find out about by subscribing to the parks updates list. Businesses, students, and any local group can sign up for their own cleanup day as well. Need to do community service hours? Litter patrol is a perfect way to spend them!

See a problem? Report it here! Reporting issues with dumping or anything else you think might be a code violation is really easy with the new Citizen’s Request For Action page.

Follow Richmond Parks and Recreation on Facebook to hear about events and volunteer opportunities.

Remember: Even if you don’t mind a little litter, keeping our parks clean is also a wildlife and habitat issue. So if you care about the critters, you’re doing them a service as well by helping to keep the parks clean!

About the Author Jack Humphrey

Editor of GoWayneCounty.com, CEO of BrickRoadMedia.com. Twitter: @jackhumphrey

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