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March 16, 2020

Press Release

March 13, 2020

For Immediate Release: 

Parks Department Takes Precautionary Steps to Ensure Public Safety

The City’s Parks and Recreation Department is taking steps to ensure that our community stays safe and healthy:

  • The Richmond Senior Center will be closing starting Monday, March 16th until further notice. This precautionary step seeks to protect the senior population.
  • In order to limit group gatherings, the Winter Richmond Farmer’s Market will end the season early and begin the Market as scheduled on May 2nd at Jack Elstro Plaza. 
  • Announcements regarding the Summer Richmond Farmer’s Market Pre-Market information meeting and opening schedule will be forthcoming.
  • In order to limit exposure, all public park restrooms will be closed until further notice. 
  • To ensure the best service, all open air rental reservations will be put on hold until public restrooms are able to be reopened.
  • For those who have enclosed rental reservations between now and May 1st, refunds will be available upon request or credits will be issued. For those who plan to keep their reservations, the Parks Department remains committed to ensuring safe and clean rentals.
  • The Annual Egg Hunt will be canceled for April 4th and postponed if possible.  Updates will follow closer to the event.

The Park Office will begin taking precautionary measures with public interaction and more information will be available upon entrance.  We are requesting all possible questions or enquiries via 765-983-PARK, through www.richmondindiana.gov , or parks@richmondindiana.gov

  • While public parks will remain open, we ask that everyone be mindful. If you are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19, please avoid accessing park spaces, playgrounds, and equipment in order to contain the virus.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Together, we can lessen the impact and spread of COVID-19.


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