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April 13, 2015

Last night I was reminded once again how much talent we have in our little town.  On top of that, we have drawing power, attracting musicians with incredible song writing skills from Dayton and elsewhere to play here.

That’s because we have a small but growing group of appreciative live music fans here too.

New Boswell Brewery and Joe Augustin – “Achilles Tenderloin” – have been hosting “Lyricists Corner” on Sundays for the past few weeks.  Joe uses his connections with the top local-regional musicians to bring serious talent to Richmond each Sunday.


Back to last night – incredible music of original songs done in the Round.  Paige Beller, Ryan Roth, Wesley Ladd, and Achilles Tenderloin got a standing O at the end of the last set.  And they earned it.

Everyone was accompanied by Aaron Nell, our resident musical genius who plays an untold number of instruments including acordian, trumpet, and violin like no one else… anywhere!aaronnewbos

Don’t miss the next Lyricists’ Corner at New Boswell!  You absolutely won’t be disappointed!

We are making Richmond’s new history as a music town.  It’s happening now! The way people talk about Jazz and the old days of Richmond… our current, working musicians are the “what’s happening now” pride of this town.  The pictures and the stories we are creating now will be referenced in the same way we currently talk about Richmond’s colorful, musical past.

I think that’s very cool.  And so, it seems, do a lot of other area music lovers and musicians.


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